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2022-05-31 - Lexi

Hi I’m Lexi and I live on Winds Home Farm. It is Spring right now, and there are a lot of buttercups in the fields, but I don’t really think they taste very good. I’d rather eat the grass and the hay. One of my favorite Springtime activities on the farm is playing with my good friend Scooby, even though sometimes he kind of picks on me. There are some new things happening this Spring that I want to tell you about. There are going to be new fields for my friends and me to feast on in the front of the farm, and in the back fields there is going to be new yummy, yummy, yummy hay grown! It is getting warmer out and many days I’m REALLY exhausted because I’ve been walking a lot and letting kids ride on me. Even right now while I’m writing this blog I have a really cool kid riding me, which I actually love!!! This Spring I’ll be using the arena to get some additional exercise. One of the really nice therapists, Miss Ashley, who works here, has been working hard with some kids to plant a garden. It doesn’t really look like a garden yet, but I’m sure it will soon. I LOVE Springtime on the farm most especially because it feels really good outside, and I absolutely LOVE when all the kids come to visit, ride me, and give me lots of yummy, yummy treats!!!!